Port Perspectives

A collaboration with East Wall Youth and artist Janine Davidson, this project was coordinated by Declan McGonagle with the support of The Dublin Port Authority, managed by Business to Arts. 

A series of prints were the outcome of a six week Drawing Club in the East Wall Youth centre. As part of the Drawing Club activities, having visited the Van Mieghem exhibition in the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, the group [aged 9-11yrs] visited the Dublin Port Centre and, from a vantage point on the 4th floor of the building, used viewfinders to frame and create compositions of their individual perspectives of the Dublin port.

These drawings formed the basis of a series of drypoint images and were also combined to create a large format drawing combining the original sketches, creating a unique collective perspective of the port, as seen by the East Wall Youth Group. These processes allowed the group to explore micro and macro perspectives of Dublin Port, through projected drawing techniques.