Two Fountains

The Starry Messenger, the Void Gallery, Derry. Text: Two Fountains presents the documentation of two fountains designed by Arthur Edward Pearse, 1888-1892. The Doulton Fountain in Glasgow, a highly decorative five-tier fountain in French Renaissance style, designed to commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. Refurbished in recent years and relocated to Glasgow Green.

The sister fountain, the Dunville Fountain in Belfast located in Dunville Park, was gifted to the City of Belfast in 1891 by the Dunville family. Its maintenance has been neglected over the years and no longer resembles its original design or purpose.

Two Fountains is a visual juxtaposition of outcomes one questioning the validity of the other; is it beautiful? Is it useful? Two Fountains is an experimental film and sculptural piece.